Hadramawt teachers begin mass strike demanding increased salaries

Hadramawt teachers begin mass strike demanding increased salaries

Thousands of teachers in the Hadramawt province (eastern Yemen) on Wednesday entered an all-out strike demanding a 100 percent salary increase to meet the high cost of the depreciation of the local currency.

"Today we started a mass and total strike after the lifting of red badges and a partial strike," said teacher Taha Bafadhl, chairman of the Media Committee for the follow-up of teachers ' rights in Hadramawt, to Anadolu.

The lifting of red badges means placing a piece of red cloth on the wrist or on the shirt pocket, which is recognized in Yemen as a sign of protest and anger.

He noted the "best" interaction of teachers with the Escalator program in its third phase, pointing out that the mass strike will continue to meet the demands of teachers.

He said the most important demands of teachers are to raise salaries by 100 percent.

The number of teachers in the Hadramawt Governorate is 15, 000.

The comprehensive teachers ' strike came after their partial strike, which began last Sunday, and lasted for three days, coinciding with the inauguration of the new academic year 2018-2019.

Prior to that, the teachers lifted the red badges on the fourth of this month.

Last week, the government approved a 30 percent increase in civil servants ' salaries starting this month.

The teachers identified 8 demands, most notably, the adoption and disbursement of a cost-of-living allowance commensurate with current living conditions, exorbitant prices and the currency exchange difference, at least 100% of the last pegged in the wage structure.

Teachers called for the implementation of the general strategy for the structure of wages and salaries at different stages for those who did not have access to them, the regularization of all teachers and the granting of their outstanding grades in accordance with the Service Law, and the increase in the salaries and continuity of the contractors.

The teachers ' announcement follows the Escalatory program, following the expansion of the protests in Yemen, due to the steep decline of the local currency (riyal), the price of the US dollar exceeds 600 Yemeni riyals, and the high prices of food items significantly.

The US dollar at the beginning of the year 2015 was 215 Yemeni riyals.


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