Journalist shot dead by a sniper in Taiz City

Journalist shot dead by a sniper in Taiz City

Cameraman Mohammed Tahri was shot dead late Sunday evening by a sniper in front of al-Muzaffar hospital in the southwestern city of Taiz, which is under the control of government forces, press sources said.

The sources told Almasdar online that the immaculate journalist Muhammad AKA Al Qannas was directly targeted in the old city in front of the hospital, while he was heading for the infirmary to ambulance one of his sick neighbors.

Al Qannas was killed on the spot, they said.

To date, no one has claimed responsibility for the incident, but activists and journalists accused government forces of targeting Tahri, as the firing took place from the positions of their soldiers.

Al-Tahri is one of the most prominent journalists and photographers who have documented their cameras, fighting between government forces and popular resistance, on the one hand, and al-Houthi militants on the other, which have been in Taiz since early 2015.


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