Large-scale arrests and military campaign of Houthis in Bani Saeed in Koshar

Large-scale arrests and military campaign of Houthis in Bani Saeed in Koshar

The Houthi militia raided several military vehicles and mechanisms on Sunday evening, the villages of Bani Saeed in Koshar Directorate - Hajjah Governorate, northwest of Yemen, and stormed the houses and arrested a number of citizens.

Local sources told Al-Masdar online that the Houthi gunmen stormed several houses, searched them, tampered with their contents, and terrorized children and women "without regard to the sanctity of the homes."

The sources said that clashes erupted between the Houthis and citizens on Saturday night, against the backdrop of the rejection by some citizens of attempts of Houthis to recruit the people of the area and send them to fronts. he said the Houthis described the people who refused to go with them as mercenaries, noting that they were kidnapping them and taking them to prison.

Houthi militants raided the villages of Bani Saeed and abducted a number of citizens during the past week, according to activist Amer Saidi, from the village of Bani Saeed, who said in a post on his Facebook page that the Houthis kidnapped his father's brother "Qasim " After a raid on his home.

Amer said, "These were kidnapped in a week, and we have dozens of detainees from Bani Saeed, headed by the deputy leader of the resistance Sheikh Abdou Mohamed Adbaa Saidi, as well as hundreds of detainees from Hajur in Koshar. According to Amer.

During the past month, Koshar Directorate witnessed violent confrontations between al-Houthi militants and tribal gunemn, which ended with the first control of the areas of the Directorate.


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