UN envoy attends tomorrow's session. Parliament approves permanent meetings

UN envoy attends tomorrow's session. Parliament approves permanent meetings

The UN special envoy to Yemen, Martin Griffiths, will arrive in Seiyun and attend the parliament session on Tuesday, said the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Sheikh Sultan al-Barakani.

At the Parliament's plenary session on Sunday, at its temporary headquarters in the town of Seiyun in Hadramawt province, al- Barakani noted the importance of the session in conveying the Council's opinion to the UN envoy regarding the peace agreement and the Houthis ' procrastination in implementing the redeployment plan in Hodeidah.

The Council continued to hold its third consecutive day of meetings at the extraordinary session called by President Hadi and opened on Saturday, in the presence of President Hadi, his deputy and the Ambassadors of the Gulf Initiative sponsors.

The Council agreed to hold its meetings on a permanent basis and to establish a parliamentary commission of Inquiry on the report issued by the Central Bank of Yemen, which set out a number of financial imbalances, and instructed the Committee to report thereon to the Council.

The Board recommended that the Government implement the electricity generation project for the Hadramawt Valley and the desert with gas fuel. According to Saba news agency, he stressed the need for the Government to pay attention to the city of Seiyun and give it priority in basic and development services projects.

The House of Representatives has been blessed with the announcement of the Yemeni Political force’s alliance.

The deputies called for the need to stand up to all the important and urgent issues of the Yemeni citizen, which require resolution and treatment including the salaries of the national army and the need for the Government to work on the process of salary regularity in this institution that defends the country and the citizen and solve all the problems of the martyrs and the wounded and decide on them once and for all.

They also stressed on solutions of recruitment and random employment issues in the diplomatic corps or other State institutions and the re-issuance of passports in the liberated governorates, which have so far suffered from a halt.

The lawmakers called for the formation of a parliamentary body to expose the coup militias and show their crimes to the international community.


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