The President directs the security and military forces in the liberated areas to raise readiness and alert

The President directs the security and military forces in the liberated areas to raise readiness and alert

President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi, directed the the various security and military agencies in the liberated governorates to raise  performance, readiness and coordination to confront the enemies of Yemeni people in every region and site, this came in a telephone call by the president with Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister engineer Ahmed Al Maysari .

"President Hadi called for alert and monitoring the situation in the interim capital of Aden and the neighboring provinces to promote and maintain security, unite efforts and ranks, preserve the unity of the community fabric and promote the spirit of resistance," the official Saba news agency said.

Hadi stressed the importance of the efforts of the Government and the various institutions, as well as all the forces and components that see the Houthi militia a real opponent of the Yemeni people to achieve security, stability and development and to give  the citizens a hope after the great sacrifices made by the finest young people in the battles of defending its land.

The president, according to Saba, stressed the need to raise the level of performance and coordinate efforts with the brothers to benefit the citizens and confront the Houthi militia as well as to address  some natural disasters, as happened recently in Aden and neighboring provinces.

The interior minister expressed  his gratitude for the follow-up of the president, stressed with the various security and military agencies and the cooperation of the citizen towards the implementation of the directives "leading to the restoration of security and stability and the consolidation of public tranquility and victory for the will of our Yemeni people to defeat the project of rebellion and coup and unite the ranks and meat The one because of the power and dignity of our Yemeni people. "

The president's directives and his contact with Al-Maysari come amid reports of military moves to the security and military formations of the Southern Transitional council , loyal to the UAE, and a coup plot accusing the latter of planning and sponsoring him in the liberated areas against the government (recognized).


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